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Before entering the main topic, let’s first understand the meaning of ‘Depression’. What I personally feel that it is a mental disorder which is least talked about or we can say least shared by the person but most suffered! Having a mental health issue, unfortunately, is neglected by the sufferer as if the brain is not a part of the body. But the irony is, we are taught from our primary classes that “Brain is the most important organ of our body”! Before jumping to ‘How to beat depression’ I wish you to get familiar to its symptoms.

From my outlook, we often blend loneliness with depression but both these terms and feelings have a huge difference and the foremost is that You can be happy while being alone but, mind you, you will never be happy being depressed.

Having persistently low mood, reduced interest in previous activities which you used to enjoy earlier, low sexual desire, restlessness, feeling of worthlessness, constant irritability, social withdrawal and suicidal thoughts are some symptoms of depression. There, of course, are some psychological symptoms to depression, which are, insomnia, unintentional weight loss, loss of energy and more.

Depression does have a cure. You should definitely consult a doctor for treatment in the same way you visit a doctor when you want to cure cold, viral, Cardiac issues or even cancer. Apart from meeting a doctor in this regard, you should surround yourself with positivity. For this, you can do yoga and meditation (Yes! this sounds to be boring but I assure that this will prove to be the best therapy!), engage yourself in some work everytime and try not to be in bed much or stay alone because those negative thoughts should not get a chance to grab you, try to be with people who make you feel happy and are full with pure vibes and last but not the least, have a proper minimum eight hour sleep. Your body is your most important and powerful weapon. Do you know why? Because it is your body only that will stay with you till the end of your last breathe. Anything might leave you alone but this body will always be yours so make it as healthier as possible by exercising and keeping yourself away from wrong and negative vibes

I really don’t wish to end this article with such a simple say! So I will continue! I wish to know, why do people feel depressed? There are certain students who either suicide or walk into depression just because they could not stand on their own or their loved one’s Expectations. For example, a 12th class student wanted to achieve 98% in board examinations but achieved 94% and suicided!  Wait! What is wrong? Was that the only thing that person has to achieve in his life? Yes, that was an opportunity for him, but how can a result destroy you completely? Understand people, Life is much more than this and is really very beautiful. Yes! You can not change your result but you can truly have many more opportunities to give yourself what you wanted to achieve.

What I have made myself understand even and wish everyone reading this should also understand it is “Do not take this material world so seriously because it is always changing. Something terrible that you take so seriously today is going to change tomorrow”.
Don’t feel you have lost everything just because you lost one thing. It should not be about success or failure but about just enjoying and feeling each moment that is happening around.
Remember Nothing will slow your progress but your negative mindset. Spread love, stay positive and confident. One of my friends once told me one thing and I just love it, which says, “No poison can kill a positive thinker and no medicine can save a negative thinker”! Yes! Because depression itself is a feeling that your brain has accepted. Least I can say is, Don’t let your single organ ‘brain’ control all the organs and thoughts of your body, be the master of your own body and let your positivity blossom you!

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